CR1/3N CR11108 2L76 3PIN leg FDL 3V Lithium manganese battery

CR1/3N CR11108 2L76 3PIN leg FDL 3V Lithium manganese battery

Model No.︰CR1/3N

Brand Name︰FDK

Country of Origin︰Japan

Unit Price︰US $ 6 / pcs

Minimum Order︰1 pcs

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Product Description


Country of origin:Japan 
Application:instrument,PLC,CNC,TPMS,electric meter etc.

Production Specification:
CR-1/3N 160mAh 11.6x10.8mm
CR17335 1400mAh 17.0x33.8mm
CR17335E-R 1500mAh 17.0x33.5mm
CR17335HE-R 1350mAh 17.0x33.5mm
CR17450E-R 2200mAh 17.0x45.0mm
CR17450HE-R 2000mAh 17.0x45.0mm;
CR14250SE 850mAh 14.5x25.0mm
CR12600SE 1500mAh 12.0x60.0mm
CR17335SE 1800mAh 17.5x33.5mm
CR17335SE-R 1800mAh 17.5x33.5mm
CR17450SE 2500mAh 17.0x45.0mm
CR17450SE-R 2500mAh 17.0x45.0mm

Sanyo used MnO2 as a cathode active material, use the unique processing method, make lithium 

element as a negative terminal (cathode) to create a high-voltage and high energy density

  Sanyo lithium batteries (CR series) was developed in 1976, is characterized by high energy

density. As many regular dry or lithium batteries without the characteristics of oxidation, which

has now been widely used in electronic calculators, watches, and cameras and other equipment. In

addition, micro computer control devices using lithium as a memory backup power supply. The

rechargeable lithium batteries (ML series) was developed in 1989, its high quality and technology

are designed to cope with market demands.

Applied range:
- Camera
-electric meter(water meter,gas meter,electric meter)
-E-car's key
-memory backup power supply (mobile phones, computers, fax machines, etc.) 

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