Siemens PLC Lithium Battery A5E00331143 3.0V

Siemens PLC Lithium Battery   A5E00331143   3.0V

Model No.︰ A5E00331143

Brand Name︰Siemens

Country of Origin︰Germany

Unit Price︰US $ 9.5 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Type: Lithium. Voltage: 3.0 V.

Height: 26 mm. Diameter: 14 mm.

Features: Two pin connector & Lead

Replaces: Battery A5E00331143 for SIEMENS Simatic Simatic Box, Panel, MicroBox series controllers.

This A5E00331143 Lithium PLC controller battery fits several SIEMENS Simatic and other PLC controllers. It is a DIRECT replacement for the A5E00331143 battery.

Siemens A5E00331143 - Backup battery 3.0V (compatible) A5E00331143 Lithium CR 1/2 AA.

This A5E00331143 is for use with SIEMENS PLC controllers such as the:

Siemens / SIMATIC BOX PC 620 
Siemens / SIMATIC BOX PC 627 
Siemens / SIMATIC BOX PC 627B 
Siemens / SIMATIC BOX PC 820 
Siemens / SIMATIC BOX PC 840 
Siemens / SIMATIC BOX PC 840/V2 
Siemens / SIMATIC Panel PC 577B 
Siemens / SIMATIC PANEL PC 670 
Siemens / SIMATIC PANEL PC 677 
Siemens / SIMATIC PANEL PC 677/B 
Siemens / SIMATIC Microbox PC 420 
Siemens / SIMATIC Microbox PC 427B 
Siemens / SIMATIC PG720 
Siemens / SIMATIC PG740 
Siemens / SIMATIC PG760 
and many others

This SIEMENS A5E00331143 PLC battery comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty.




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