Varta 5/V150HT 6V 140mAh Ni-MH Battery Medical device battery

Varta 5/V150HT 6V 140mAh Ni-MH Battery Medical device battery

Model No.︰ 5/V150HT

Brand Name︰VARAT

Country of Origin︰Germany

Unit Price︰US $ 25 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

 Varta 5/V150HT 6V 140mAh NiMH Button Cell Battery




Varta 5/V150HT-5Pin Battery 


  • Good recovery characteristics after long storage period and deep discharge
  • Sealed rechargeable Ni-MH Button Cells from VARTA Microbattery can be operated in any position
  • The cells complete the manufacturing process in a charged state
  • Because of time and temperature depending self- discharge, the state of charge upon receipt can not be precisely defined. Before use, therefore, sealed Ni-MH cells should be recharged.

Main Applications:

  • Car and home alarm applications
  • Medical applications - pipettes
  • Sensor Network Supply, timer, actor, sensor
  • Smart grid, metering


  • Voltage: 6V
  • Capacity: 140mAh
  • Terminal: 5 Pin
  • Nickel Metal Hydride Chemistry



Output Voltage: 6V 
Amperage: 140mAh 
Brand: Varta 
Chemistry: NiMH 
Length: 14.1mm 
Width: 25.6mm 
Height: 29.5mm


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