41A030BJ0001 3HAC5393-2 3HAC-5051-1 PDD1BJV001A ABB battery

41A030BJ0001 3HAC5393-2 3HAC-5051-1 PDD1BJV001A ABB battery

Model No.︰41A030BJ00001

Brand Name︰ABB

Country of Origin︰Switzerland

Unit Price︰US $ 68 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

S4C+ (S4C Plus) M2000 & M2000A CPU backup batteries - 3HAC5105-1 to suit ABB robots 

Suitable for use with DSQC 508 Battery unit (3HAC 5393-2) , Revision 10 or later.

Earlier revisions require a complete replacement unit (DSQC 508)

These batteries allow the S4C+ controller to shut down properly. If this battery is flat the controller can lose some or all of it's data or become corrupted. 

Please note that the early DSQC 508 units must be replaced complete with the circuit board. We can offer service exchange on these please contact us for more details. 

If you have a rev10 or later DSQC 508 then you only need to replace this battery pack. 

Battery life expectancy depends on how often the robot is switched off and for how long. Given the price of the batteries and the cost of reloading or losing data and programs we would recommend checking these batteries every year and replacing every 3 years or so. 

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